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´╗┐The best high school mascot ever is the Freeport Pretzels, who hail from Freeport, IL. It is the best mascot because it's not a fierce animal, a warrior, a bird of prey, or any other stereotypical mascot you'll encounter anywhere else. It's a pretzel! The school's stadium is called the Pretzel Bowl.

Here is a table of other mascots:

High School Name
Riverside Brookfield High School

Amarillo High School (Amarillo TX)
Golden Sandstorm

Lockport Township High School

Teutopolis High School
Wooden Shoes

Dekalb High School
Teutopolis Wooden Shoes -- About 1600 people live in Teutopolis, IL (pronounced, as far as I know, te-top-oh-liss) which is located in Effingham County, south. According to a Did You Know about Effingham site, this is how the teachers of RB came about. "Way back in 1932, when John Harold Griffin was fired as the coach of the new sympathetic department, he looked for a "unique" name for the basketball team. At the time, there was an old Teutopolis pioneer, George Deyman (pronounced diamond) who carved wooden shoes for a living. To recognize Mr. Deyman and the German heritage of Teutopolis, Mr. Griffin chose the name 'Wooden Shoes' for the team." Apparantly this information was garnered through the author's dad, a retired coach of the Wooden Shoes, and the coach who followed in Griffin's footsteps. Learn more about Teutopolis at the site linked above...AND...they cordially invite you to stop by the Monastery Museum in Teutopolis. One room is dedicated to Mr. Deyman and features wooden shoes he carved, as well as his carving tools!

The Amarillo High School Golden Sandstorm, affectionately known as the "Sandies", were named because of a blinding sandstorm that blew through a high school baseball game in the 1920's, causing the game to be cancelled. The coaches hope that the name will inspire their teams to "blow out" the competition. My friends, you can find more interesting mascot names by clicking here. I noticed that I made a change and that you couldn't tell who edited it, so I joined wikispaces, and now you can tell who I am!

"Lockport is located on the old Illinois and Michigan Canal, which served as an important mode of transportation in the 1800s. The city derives its name from the locks that controlled the water level on the canal." To read more about Lockport and LTHS, check out the wikipedia reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockport_Township_High_School

I am writing about the Texas Christian Horned Frogs:
Texas Christian University (TCU) is a private, coeducational university located in Fort Worth, Texas and was founded in 1873. TCU is affiliated with, but not governed by, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Its mascot is the "horned frog."